Over the years, we have finished over 300 different projects. They include web pages, web designs, logos, internet marketing services, print materials designs and so on.
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Our clients are companies like National Bank of Estonia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fenestra, Estonian Gas, Hansacolor, Maardu City Council and many more.
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About us

Hello, we are Kristina and Liis & we are here to create professional websites, logos and other graphic designs that are out there.

We have been in web solution business for 9 years and have experience in websites in all sizes and shapes.


 will be your designer
 will be your technical consultant
 likes photography, power walking, football, creating designs, ride a bicycle


 will be your project manager
 will teach/consult you about internet marketing
 will help you with design ideas
 likes animals, personal training, traveling, music, life coaching, mowing the lawn and chocolate cake




Hug OÜ
Liis +372 5142653 (ENG ; EST) 
Kristina +372 56989271 (EST ; RUS)
E-mail: info(at)hug.ee; liis(at)hug.ee; kristina(at)hug.ee